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Posts: 1 I hope tickfaw state park May 20, 2018
I am a DIY bride. I have planned my wedding thus far. My FH and myself are getting married July,23 2020. I have searched and planned from Mason jar mixed drinks to my own catering menu. Ordering from to Dollar and allows me to save money. I am making my own decor and hoping to have a beautiful outdoor park wedding. With diy buffet catering.
Posts: 4 Chestnut Hill, PA July 17, 2018
Hello DIY Bride;smile

Congrats on your engagement and good work so far on your planning!smile

It's great that you can save money on the things you want for your wedding; we love a great saving here and there. However, keep in mind that you should always do research on companies or sites you plan on using before moving forward. Remember, this is your moment to shine, and you don't want any chaos on your big day, right?

With that, you mentioned you ordered from Have you ordered from them before? Have you seen what the items are like - is it quality or just... blah? (You really don't want your guests to know that you got any of your items for cheap, only you should know that. You want to WOW your guests from the time they enter the ceremony to the reception area...)

Most sites do not do returns (its WYSIWYG) thus setting up a lot of stress for individuals. So, you are stuck with whatever you purchased without any recourse. Therefore, make sure you read their disclaimer before ordering anything.

Lastly, check to make sure you don't need a permit to have your wedding in the park. Most counties require you to get one before you can have an event there. These permits usually include limitations, whether you are allowed to have alcohol or fire and so forth.

One other thing. Make sure you designate someone to be the buffer between you and the setup crew. This person should be there with you through the initial planning, reliable and have an idea of what's going on; or, hire a day-of-service coordinator. They will review all contracts (if you have) and meet with any and all vendors (again if there are any) and oversee ceremony rehearsal, setup, and breakdown; this is dependent on what's in their contract and what you agree to.

For more ideas, visit our DIY page here -

With great enthusiasm,

Wedding Planner in Chestnut Hill, PA

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