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Posts: 1 April 2, 2018
Hi There, My name is Kel and I am a professional magician for 14 years.

I'd like to post about why a magician is great for weddings. First and foremost, Entertaining every single table on your big day is a tough task as you at most can spend 5-10 minutes at every table saying hi to everyone. Family is the most important, so many couples will spend time at the first 5 tables to make sure their elders are happy.

But what about your table of co-workers and friends? There is a movie out on netflix called Table 19. It is a great example of what happens at a lot of weddings. Beautiful decor, amazing music in the background, the bride looks gorgeous (if you can see her from where your sitting) and the food is good, but it's a long night and they barely know each other at the table. There are plenty of awkward moments that are funny in the movie, but reality is that it happens in so many weddings.

Magic is universal. It translates across all languages and at a moments notice, your guests can be blown away with coins vanishing from one hand to another, minds being read, and cards appearing and vanishing. Its something they've never seen before and can loosen them up and unify everyone at the table with something to talk about. Its the perfect ice breaker.

There are a few magicians along myself on eventective so here are a few tips on choosing the right one:

1. Awards and credentials - It's not the most important point, but winning something or being seen on TV shows some form of success and indicates that they are good at "something" and sets the expectation that your money is being well spent.

2. Testimonials and previous clients - Do they look like a birthday party magician? then that means they are probably marketing themselves toward a birthday party and not fit to perform at your wedding. Do their previous clients also have weddings that they have hired him/her for? the Pictures and gallery section should show the performer performing at weddings if he's targeting them.

3. video - it's much more common these days to have a promo video. It is the closest you can get to a sneak preview of that magician.

4. Cost - The range is from 250.00 - 3,000.00 depending on who, the timing of the wedding (July and August will affect the price) and the quality of their entertainment.

I have had a ton of fun performing at weddings and I take pride with a "guests come first" mentality when it comes to planning a wedding.

best of luck,


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