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Posts: 395 Cranston, Rhode Island November 22, 2017
On November 16, 2017 I presented my Education By Entertainment program titled Mind Games: Think, Learn & Have Fun!!! to (add)venture employees at the Nelson Center in Lang's Bowlarama in Cranston, RI.

The day began with business meetings at the (add)venture business location, followed by a trip to Lang's for
  • a few hours of bowling
  • a buffet dinner including chicken parmigiano, pasta, salad and cookies
  • my program
  • table games
Lang's provided the location, bowling and catering. The (add)venture operations team handled the setup and decorations.

My Mind Games program content was similar to other Mind Games programs, but this program (as all programs) had a personality of its own because of the enthusiasm displayed by audience members, the on-stage contestants and the champion.

When I recruited on-stage contestants from the audience Erica, who ultimately was elected our champion, wanted to be sure the program would be competitive. I think that she would agree that it was!

The photo collage shows:
  • a group activity (stand on one foot, eyes closed, recite alphabet backwards).
  • individual activities (catch the falling dollar; point to the pens being tapped; perform activities while viewing everything upside down).
  • Erica, the champion, and myself immediately after she was blindfolded for her final exam
  • Erica holding her prizes with the semifinalists in the background
The collage also shows the champion's certificate with a photo of Erica holding a sign showing everyone that she was elected the champion and a photo of Erica and myself at the conclusion of the program.

  • Champion Ribbon was made by Hodges Badge of Middletown, Rhode Island.
  • Trophy was purchased from Rhode Island Novelty.

Ronald G. Shapiro, Ph. D.
Education By Entertainment
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