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Posts: 1 January 4, 2011
Im a throwing a birthday party for my 26th birthday and I am trying to think of a theme that would make it stand out.

Guest September 21, 2012
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Posts: 385 September 20, 2012
Hi Guest,
Why not charter a Dolphin boat for an afternoon cruise if you are near areas where dolphins live followed by a dress up dinner overlooking the water? You could, of course, decorate the boat and restaurant in your favorite colors.

Guest September 20, 2012
Just trying to come up with a them for my 26th bday party.
This will be my first bday party ever, so I want it to be memorable and enjoyable by myself especially then everyone else.
I am a young lady, pink is my fav color, I love love love shoes, specifically high heels. I have a B.S Chemistry. My sorority colors are pink and green. I love dolphins, music, shopping, and spending time with my family..

Guest January 10, 2011

Share more of your interests as well as budget. These can determine the types of parties that will be most suited to you.
However, if that isn't possible, try to visit . Found interesting party supplies and ideas there.
Posts: 6 January 7, 2011
Hi just recently planned a casino party for a couple. It was a unisex birthday party. It came off really well. It is ideal for both sexes. We had 5 casino table and the company did funny money with pictures of the honorees on them. We currently have casino props which are very important to a casino party. Not sure what area you are in, but I am in Baltimore Maryland. If you would like you could view some of the decor ideas we did no our website. Good luck with your party.
Posts: 1 January 5, 2011
One of the most fun and interesting theme parties I went to was a "pun" party. Come dressed as a pun...example: I wore a lampshade on my head and built a little table out of cardboard which I wore around my waist....I was a "one night stand"! People were so creative and it was fun to guess their intent! Good luck in your search for ideas!
Posts: 1 January 4, 2011
Hi MZJohnson04
I do event planning for different occassions .. And if you like I can put together your theme for your 26th b-day party together for you and make it an very memoriable one for you ..And my fee(s) start as little as $50.00 & up .. Now I just would need to know a little info like is it indoors or Outdoors , where the location is .. Cause there are quite a few themes you can do an 80's theme, Think pink, Please let me kno if you need my services I look forward to hearing from you ..
Posts: 33 January 4, 2011
speakeasy theme
Posts: 385 January 4, 2011
Hi MZJohnson04,

It is difficult to make a specific recommendation without knowing you, your budget or knowing what you or your friends like or even if you are male or female. What do you like? Where are you located? What do you think is fun to do? What month is your birthday?

For some people buying a theater ticket for everyone followed by going to a local restaurant for desert, cake, etc. would be perfect. Of course your decorations at the restaurant party could be related to the play, opera, movie you just saw.

Some people like casino parties.

For others a day on a yacht or cruise ship would be perfect.

Some like fishing, others whale watching.

Some would like a hot air balloon ride.

You could have a program like "the first 25 years in review..."

You could do a 1985 theme party, since you were born that year.

Some people are really adventuresome. Some are more conservative.

Perhaps, one of my Education By Entertainment programs would be perfect, but perhaps not.

If you would like to provide a bit more information, perhaps I can be of more help to you.

Dr. Ronald G. Shapiro
Education by Entertainment

Guest January 4, 2011
There are so many things and theme that can be used for a 26th Birthday Party. Rockstar Party; Hollywood, 80's theme, Havana Nights, Luau; Murder Mystery. Please let us know your interests.

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