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10 Reasons For Having KMc Video Your Wedding!

Posts: 27 Itasca, IL November 4, 2014
If you are considering using video for your upcoming wedding, here are 10 good reasons to check us out.
KMc Video Productions is an award winning video production company serving the greater Chicagoland metropolitan and northwest Indiana areas. Our company offers 30 products and services that provide a wide range of video production packages to serve the corporate, non-profit, wedding, live event, and general family markets.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider KMc Video Productions as the video services vendor for your wedding day and you to can be a part of what we call "The Chicago Wedding Video Experience".

1.) EXPERIENCE: We have provided full time value based video productions services to the greater Chicagoland and northwest Indiana areas since 1993.
2.) FLEXIBILITY: We offer twelve (12) wedding packages starting at $395.00 and twenty (20) wedding upgrades to customize the wedding video to your needs. Customers have a full selection of camera formats, post-production & DVD authoring options along with DVD and Blu-ray duplication solutions. We also can design and duplicate the DVD wedding album covers and DVD media. All of this gives us the ability to offer customers the kind of finished video that matches their vision, their budget, and their personality.
3.) HIGH PRODUCTIONS STANDARDS: This is one area that is not fully considered by many customers. We have knowledgeable professionals applying attention to detail skills; this can make all the difference.
4.) EQUIPMENT: High-resolution 3 Chip cameras and broadcast level post-production are combined to provide you with a finished video that will exceed your expectations. The choice is yours, standard definition digital cameras, ENG class digital cameras, or Hi-definition cameras. You can select the format that best meets your needs.
5.) THERE ARE NO SURPRISES: With our company, starting with the product information you receive, right up to the contract - all terms, conditions, and responsibilities are clearly defined and laid out in writing. So there are no surprises.
6.) CONVENIENT SERVICE: Planning your wedding can be a time consuming and stressful process. Our service reps will come to you at a time that’s convenient and fits your schedule to help ease that stress.
7.) BACK-UP EQUIPMENT: Even in the best of situations the unexpected can happen that will require some back up.
8.) WE SEEK OUT CUSTOMER INPUT: We have a formal pre-production process that gives bridal couples the opportunity to set the direction and shot priorities of the video.
9.) A PROFESSIONAL DRESS CODE: For weddings, we have a standard dress code for our camera people that includes wearing dark blue or black dress pants, coordinated pastel dress shirt, a business style tie, and dress shoes.
10.) WE NEVER USE UNMANNED CAMERAS: In general an unmanned camera is unable to track action as it unfolds, and with some exceptions can’t be adjusted for close ups, or react to that unexpected “Kodak” moment.

A good place to start is with information so we wrote and published a non-bias consumer guide to wedding video production. This publication is free and offered without obligation to anyone who is looking for answers to a wide range of questions all related to having the best possible wedding video results.
On our web site you will find a "Pricing Info." page that provides an outline description of wedding packages, pricing information, and other general wedding information. There are also wedding samples that are located on the "Samples" page. We will be happy to mail you specific detailed wedding package information on any of our 12 wedding packages the next business day after receiving your request.

For additional information about what we refer to as "The Chicago Wedding Video Experience", we invite you to visit our web site at www.kmcvideoproductions.com .
We invite you to visit our Eventective Wedding Forum link @ https://www.eventective.com/forum/topic450-if-you-are-considering-having-professional-video-services-for-your-wedding-you-should-read-this-first.aspx . On this forum you will find detailed information on wedding video services. You can also join the discussion or you can ask questions and receive advice or answers on a wide ranges of concerns and topics that are on your mind.

Thank you and good luck in planning for your wedding day.

Take A Look At This YouTube Video

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Posts: 27 June 5, 2015
Our Standard Wedding Package is a single camera wedding package that offers great wedding and reception coverage. This package includes a photo montage set to music, wonderful wedding animation effects, an upgraded editing package, and personalized DVD copies. We also include a private YouTube "Photo Motion" photo music montage Thank You Video Message to your guests. $795.00
If this wedding package is booked before August 31, 2015 we will allow the bridal couple to upgrade this wedding video package with up to $200.00 of additional video services or take $100.00 off the base package price. To find out more about our wedding services visit our web site at www.kmcvideoproductions.com .
Posts: 27 December 5, 2014

For about the same cost as traditional announcements and invitations you can send a unique message that is sure to make the recipient smile and take notice. This service can use either a photo montage or a one hour in-home or on location visit to produce the video message. Our standard editing package has title graphics, wedding animation, (if applicable) your invitation & R. S. V. P. message, and a music track selection of your choice to complete the video. Couples can get up to 100 DVDs (with the standard versions) and the DVDs have a start menu (with optional music track), personalized DVD media and mailing cases with the couples photo.

There are 4 production packages starting at - $195.00
To find more information about our wedding services go to our web site at www.kmcvideoproductions.com To receive an information package go to the contact us page on our web site we will be happy to send you a price and information guide.

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