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About Cowboy Catering - Fort Worth

"The blazing sun had not yet cleared the horizon when the penetrating smell of strong black coffee began to fill the air around the campsite. "Cookie", as the wagon chef was often called, was rattling his pots and pans so that the cowboys knew that the evening meal was not too far away. One by one they sauntered toward the chuck wagon, anticipating the nourishment ahead." Go back in time to the days of the West where the aroma of the wood cooked foods flowed thru the valleys. Our recipes and menus are inspired by those 'ol chuck wagon cookies, seasoned ranch hands, southwest vaqueros and chefs from the Casa Grande. Using only the freshest ingredients, hearty servings are prepared by hand and cooked to perfection. Served with a howdy, a smile, and a tip of the hat that makes the trail worth traveling. In The Tradition of The Old Westâ„¢, we specialize in cowboy cuisine and southwest favorites, offering a casual alternative to traditional catering services. Our professional full-service catering staff will deliver, set-up, decorate the buffet area, serve, break down and leave your venue spotless! Check our menu and you'll find selections developed especially for both small and large groups. We can handle nearly any special request you may have so give us a shout when you're ready to plan your next event - your guests will surely thank you!