CGBolton Productions

Fort Worth, TX
Whether it be organizing a multi-camera corporate shoot or coordinating technical direction for a commercial in conjunction with a national company, it can be said that I'm no stranger to video production. Technical direction, writing, camera operation, photography direction and graphic design all take an inordinate amount of focus and planning in order to run smoothly within a professional setting. For over 5 years, my job, in one form or another, has been the planning and application of video production. My media communications and information degree has prepared me for a fast-paced, high-pressure lifestyle that content creation is no stranger to. Instead of folding, I thrive under pressure. My best work is done when I have multiple projects that all need to seamlessly move together in unison. I can see the workflow and logistics unfold in front of me, and I can provide the right application and skill in the most efficient manner. My entire professional career has hinged on successful management, whether that be direct management of fellow employees or communication management with clients. Video production, as a whole, has been the central idea planted within the crucible of my talents and experience. My years of practice has prepared me for this; my talent will set me apart.