Yoel Sharabi Productions

102-25 67 Drive, Forest Hills, NY

About Yoel Sharabi Productions

Yoel Sharabi, a native Sabra, has captivated his audiences with his wide repertoire and his dynamic style. He is a master of Modern Israeli, and American music. Yoel delivers his songs in a variety of languages and styles. His charisma brings an excitement to his music that is hard to contain. In concert halls and on stages throughout the world, Yoel's performances have brought an enthusiasm that is unparalleled. Along with his singing, Yoel is an accomplished musician. He is a skilled guitarist and can hammer out an intricate tune on a Dumbek. Yoel is most widely known for his simultaneous playing of two flutes in perfect harmony, which has been called "magical". Yoel Sharabi reaches out and enthralls his audience with his unique combination of musicianship and stage presence to provide ...