Vogt's Flowers

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vogt's services are the best - An Eventective User from dlint,mi

Recently my daughter's grandmother passed a florist shop before and I was very nervous. I always thought of flowers for happy occasions only but having flowers being used in a sad occasion was very gloomy to me. I took a deep breath before I entered Vogt's flower shop because I was so nervous. All I could think about was what if the sales person was insensitive to my needs and would he or she really know how to help me. So I opened the door and went in. The sales lady smiled and said hello. I felt so much better because she was smiling. I thought well she's a warm and sensitive soul. She asked me if she could be of service and I said yes. I told her that my daughter's grandmother had passed away and that I only had $50.00 to spend on an arrangement of flowers. I know this wasn't much to spend so I expected very little for the money. She was so kind. She pulled out a photo album book of arrangements for that price range and to my surprise, they were very nice but the one that really caught my eye was $10.00 more and all I said was this bouquet is so beautiful and I just couldn't take my eyes off the beautiful flowers. She looked at me with compassion in her eyes and said that one is a bit more then I said yeah I know but it's so pretty. Then she surprised me and said "I tell you what, if you really like that one so much then I will take $50.00 for it." I was so happy. I wanted to hug her. I thanked her. I just thought to myself as I was leaving the shop, what a nice and compassionate person she was.