Flagstaff Limousine LLC

Flagstaff, AZ

About Flagstaff Limousine LLC

Flagstaff Limousine LLC serves Northern Arizona with late model exotic stretch limousines. This distinguished fleet of clean, meticulously maintained vehicles feature the ultimate in luxury with your comfort and safety in mind. Our highly trained Commercially Licensed Chauffeurs are dedicated to providing you with professional and courteous service.


Flagstaff Limousine; Great Limos, Good Price - An Eventective User from Cottonwood, Arizona

A few of my friends and I really wanted to live the high life for a night for my best friends wedding. We live all the way in Cottonwood, AZ which is about an hour away from Flagstaff and more like an hour and a half away from Flagstaff Limousine LLC. They still showed up though, on time and with the nicest vehcicle I have ever been in. Okay so I had never been in a limo before that day so it is a give in that I really don't know what the greatest limo really is but this had to be up there. They had a full bar with every kind of drink you could imagine, MP3 access points and even highspeed internet. I do have to admit I was a little disapointed there was no sunroof to stand outside like you always see in the movies. The price was a little steep for me but I guess it depends on who you are, I remember it costing around 100 or 110 dollars an hour for the nicest vehicle (Lincoln Town Car). Plus we tipped the guy really good, but he was good driver. Also I remember the company mentioning a two hour limit when I called but that wasn't a problem for us we were looking to hang out in the limo longer than that anyway. So Overall, I would recommend Flagstaff Limousine to anyone in the Flagstaff are surrounding area. If they always treat all of their customers the same you can rely on them being on time and professional and the vehicles to be clean and to the highest standard

Flagstaff Limousine LLC great service! - An Eventective User from Flagstaff, AZ

I recently got married and the small town we were getting married in didn't offer any kind of limousine companies. There weren't even any nearby except for in Flagstaff which is an hour away. When we called to set up an appointment we were pleasantly surprised to find that not only were they the closest but rather cheap as well. On the big day the limo showed up on time, the driver was very courteous and professional. The limousine was very stylish as well, it was a Lincoln town car. Very comfortable, very nice, it looked brand new. The mini bar was included in the price. With a very stocked, varietal fridge. They also had an MP3 port so you can play your own music. We were also pleasantly surprised when a whole bunch of little things kept coming to our attention, like the high speed internet access... It was also nice to stick our bodies out of the sunroof to wave goodbye to all of our guests. We used them for approximately 4 hours driving time to our destination after our wedding. I was overall very satisfied with our experience and the service provided by Flagstaff Limousine LLC. They didn't charge me any extra for driving an hour away, just the standard rate- $110/hr and gratuity- 20%. I truly believe that our wedding would not have been as comfortable or enjoyable without this limousine company.