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Caring, Patient, and Reasonably Priced - An Eventective User from Fernandina Beach, Florida

I will admit, I change my mind a lot! And, when choosing the floral arrangements for my wedding, I was a very difficult bride-to-be. I wanted my day to be perfect, but I couldn't quite figure out what perfect was, or how all of the elements of the wedding would come together. The worst part was deciding on floral arrangements/ Every time I thought I knew what I wanted, I'd see something else and change my mind. Luckily, through the recommendation of a friend, I chose a florist that could handle it! All of the wonderful staff at Artistic Florist were extremely patient with my constant phone calls, my design changes, my questions, my concerns. Looking back, I know I was a pain, but they never treated me like one. In the end, the designers at Artistic Florist made my mind up for me. The designers at Artistic Florist were so knowledgeable that they took my scattered vision and developed floral arrangements that were perfect for my day, the location, and my personality. When my flowers were delivered to the venue, I gasped! They were so stunning, fresh, and each arrangement was unique and beautiful. And, I actually stayed a little under budget!

Artistic Florist for Wedding Flowers - An Eventective User from Fernandina Beach, FL

I used Artistic Florist for a portion of my wedding flowers. They did not offer some of the flowers I wanted, so I used a seperate florist. The location is easy to get to with plenty of parking. The flower show-room is awesome. All of the flowers they use and the design area is visible. They have designs on display, as well as picture books to choose from. They can also design something from scratch to meet your needs. The price was more than I expected, but in line with local competitors. The flowers turned out awesome. Delivery and set up was free at the chapel. The staff were all very friendly, and even allowed me to make changes with no hassles. The only downside was they were a tad late on delivery, however they were still there in plenty of time to set up for the ceremony. I would use them again for any flower-needs.