Trevor Allen Photography

61 Oakes Road, Fall River, NS

About Trevor Allen Photography

Over the last year, I’ve been getting a little emotional while shooting. Maybe it’s because I’m a dad now and that happens or maybe it’s from watching people cry as they view their pictures but I’ve begun to fully appreciate the magnitude of what I’m doing. I’m not just taking pictures. I’m taking snapshots of one’s life. The shot of you in your wedding dress sitting with your 90 year old grandmother will be a picture your daughter will cherish 40 years from now. The picture of your little one and you laughing at each other may be just a cute shot now - but it will be one of those pictures you grab in a fire - and I took that image - and that means a lot to me. I firmly believe that if I’m having fun, those around me will enjoy everything more. They will enjoy my presence, they will enjoy having their picture taken (yes, it can happen) and they will enjoy their big day that little bit more. I have fun at weddings. I have fun at family shoots. I have a lot of fun with babies. This isn’t a job - it’s my passion - so I try to make every session new, fresh and exciting. Yeah, I find them all challenging as I continuously strive to do better and learn more but it’s always rewarding. My style? Well, I’ve talked about being fun and I try to pass that along. Laughing is contagious - so I laugh a lot. I’ll make silly jokes or even silly noises for the kids (and sometimes adults). You may think I’m a fool but that’s only until you see the shot I got. And I’m all about emotion. In fact, I rarely want the bride and groom to look at me. Yeah, I’ll get the shots of you looking at the camera but the ones that mean more to me are when you act as if the camera is not there. I’m the voyeur capturing the two of you happy in love.