Fairfield Arts & Convention Center

200 N Main St, Fairfield, IA
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Fairfield Arts & Convention Center
Professional Meeting place in South East Iowa. - An Eventective User from Fairfield, IA

My first experience with Fairfield Arts & Convention Center was about 6 months ago (Janurary 2011) when I attended a business meeting there. The meeting was held in the 'Cambridge Investment Research Meeting Room'. I believe the room is named after a local investment company who I imagine are a sponsor. I was a little early for the meeting, as is my habit, and this enabled me to spend some time looking at all the art that is on display in the large lobby area. I don't know if the same art will be on display now but there was some very interesting pieces, mostly by local artists. The staff were very friendly and courteous and directed me to the room which they referred to simply as the 'Cambridge room'. The room (and indeed the whole place) was very clean. I know this is something that one expects but you might be surprised at the state of some of the meeting rooms you find in some hotels etc. The venue is probably best known for it's large auditorium which hosts many shows and plays, although it has a number of other conference/meeting rooms as well. Apparently there is also a place to eat, although I couldn't find it easily after my meeting was over so I found something to eat elsewhere, the venue is very close to a number of restaurants and cafes, being as it is near the center of town. I highly recommend Gupta's on the Fairfield Square which serves vegetarian Indian-style food. It's only a few blocks away but one of the most satisfying meals you will ever have.

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