Our Story 
(as told by Jenn)

Jenn & John: In the beginning...

We go back. Way back. Back to Discovery Middle School; a 7th grader and 6th grader with a mutual friend between us. For quite awhile, John was the cute boy on the bus, and I was "just a really cool guy with long hair". But boys and girls grow up, of course, and John was never just a friend to me. From the moment my young eyes saw him I was in instant infatuation and "love". This led to a few years of shy, awkward friendship, growing and blossoming with the boy down the street. 

Finally, in my freshman year at Penn High School, we attempted a relationship. We "dated" (as much as two young kids can) in 2003 for about two months before a heart-wrenching breakup: my first. Back then there were a lot of social dramas working against us, as there usually are in high school. Though, with heart torn apart, he and I remained friends, going seperate ways in love, exploring the options. But it didn't take long...

...Before we dated again. The summer of 2005 was a time of another short relationship--this one lasting a few more months--but also becoming one of the best summers of my life. We'd each grown up a little, tested the waters, and being together was easy with no school or social atmospheres to intervene. But alas, when the fall semester of school rolled around, we parted again. This time very seperately for a very long time.

John graduated in 2006 and left Summers to work in South Dakota for the Mt. Rushmore KOA. Our friendship drifted, as they do without attention; I entered a long-term relationship, so did he, and there was little communication between us for almost two years.

But we never seemed to stop thinking about each other.

One night he called me in disarray because his relationship had just ended. I comforted him, remembering my friend, realizing how much I'd missed him and still cared for him. (This may have been the greatest thing that ever happened to us!) John moved to Michigan with his grandparents to spend some time finding himself, and over more phone calls and extreme communication, our friendship began to rekindle--this time even stronger and closer than it had ever been before. I remember visiting John the first time and staying in Grosse Ile, meeting his Michigan family and having a wonderful time exploring this new him. John's grandfather made a comment after the first day because we'd been up all night talking and laughing. "That's the kind of woman you should marry. Your best friend." At the time it made me blush and it was sort of brushed from our shoulders. But that certainly stuck in my head for quite a long time...

When John finally moved back home to his parent's house down the street from me, he and I were better than ever. Our friendship was rich and strong--I was no longer uncomfortable or awkward around him. We could be ourselves. And naturally old feelings surfaced. I broke up with my then-boyfriend, pursued John again, waited, patiently, for him to come around...BUT our wavelengths weren't quite in-sync yet...

Here is where {disaster} is insterted, a chapter of our lives where I left John for another guy, he fled the state, dated someone else, all of that ended, and we spent a rocky year learning to trust each other again. But hardships happen. And, thank God for patience and all the fruits of love; we've both overcome those differences and moved past it all. John and I have been "officially" together now since April 2011: a real, dedicated, grown-up relationship, stronger in our love, more than ever thought possible. It may not have always been pretty, there certainly has been a lot to deal with over time. But each thing we encountered has tiptoed us a little closer, a little smarter, a little more appreciative of the love we've worked hard to share. 10 years growing up and moving forward, changing and keeping up with each other--is a chore, but has proved a wonderful blessing.

We may have each changed--grown--but inside we are still the two kids on the bus who caught each other's eyes and skipped heartbeats when our pinkies accidently touched. He was my first crush, my first kiss, my first boyfriend, my first love. And now, he will be my Husband, and I'm not sure my young dreams could have ever come more true.


  "Lucky is the man who is a woman's first love, but blessed is the woman who is a man's last love."      







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