We would like to thank you for celebrating Mother Beatrice Moses 70th Birthday and Retirement Celebration with us. We're creating this opportunity to display our appreciation to Mother Beatrice, for her outstanding works of being a wonderful mother and grandmother of five, a dedicated staff member of the Children's National Medical Center's Environmental Service Team for over 27yrs., as well as a faithful servant in her Ministry. Mother Beatrice is known to be quite a bountiful giver, and this is our way giving back.
Live Performances: Featured International Celebrity Guests, known as the "Impac Mime Team"
So come and share the food, music, and live entertainment with us. All attending will need to RSVP with one of the provided contacts. This is a semi-formal gathering, so absolutely no urban wear (etc. no sneakers, tank-tops, nor baseball caps). Gifts are accepted. Visit our contacts tab for further Ticket and Event information.
Admission: $20/person RSVP
Date: Nov. 17, 2012 
Hours of Event: 5:00pm- 9:00pm
See you there!
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