Trinity Ridge Photography

115 Wall St., Eureka Springs, AR

About Trinity Ridge Photography

So...what better job is there in the whole world than to capture life's most poignant moments and record them for future generations? We can't imagine one! Needless to say, we love our work. That love and passion for our work drives us to tell the intricately woven story of your wedding with the powerful and precious images we create. Every wedding we do is like a fairy tale to us. We NEVER get tired of them. Even after doing over 130 weddings, each one feels new and wonderful and priceless. Our innate sense of composition, our unique blend of photojournalism and traditional portraiture, and our commitment to providing our couples with the absolute best has given us a great reputation in our business. Let us give you the gift of your memories - recorded as the timeless love story they are. We have two full-time professional photographers. Robert Alexander specializes in photojournalism and excels at capturing all of the details and candid moments from behind the scenes. Nicole Weinmann creates beautiful portraits and records the atmosphere and emotion of your wedding location, ceremony, and reception. We are both qualified to do weddings individually, but truly enjoy doing them together as a father/daughter team. Trinity Ridge Photography is definitely a complete package - covering all possible angles of wedding photography.