Lucky's Clowning and Balloon Twisting

9669 N. Montgomery Line Road, Englewood, OH

About Lucky's Clowning and Balloon Twisting

“Lucky the Clown” *NOT DISPLAYED* Lucky the Happy Hobo Clown started entertaining kids and adults twenty years ago; first, as a part time entertainer, and for the last eight years as a full-time entertainer. He does great clowning around, balloon twisting and magic shows, and began entertaining because of his entertaining and comedy interests. His home is in Union, Ohio, Northwest of Dayton, and he also services the surrounding areas bordered by Sidney, Springfield, and Springboro, Ohio, as well as Richmond, Indiana. Lucky specializes in children’s birthday parties and company events. His balloon twisting ranges from the simple to the complex, and his magic shows have lots of interaction with the audience. All of his entertaining provides humor for all ages. Lucky even has color “balloon menus” that each guest can choose from. The menus contain a wide array of choices. Each guest is even presented with a free plastic bag for their sculpture, so it makes it through the rest of the event. For his 1-1/2 hour birthday parties, he does a big balloon sculpture for the birthday child, a ½ hour magic show, a huge rocket balloon launch, individual balloon twisting for each child, and temporary tattoos. His magic show is designed so that one of the kids volunteers to come up and bail him out when he goofs up a trick. ____________________________________ More Stuff about ‘Lucky’ the Clown I'll briefly tell you a few things about my balloon twisting (OK, like a sales pitch); some things that make me different in a good way ... - I am a very fast twister (20 years experience) and very good for small or big crowds. - I use a 'take a number' system for large crowds, so folks don't have to stand in line. This lets the kids gather around me more. - I have bunches of 'hamming it up' clown stuff/routines that I do while I am twisting; the kids and adults give me very positive feedback on these; so I always try and entertain while I am twisting. - I have color menus for the kids to pick from; many smaller kids like to look at the picture so they can tell what it is. There were about 36 ‘basic’ designs for the kids to pick from. But after an absence of not working on many new designs (cause I have been very busy lately), I have just come out with a new menu with twice as many choices. - And I pass out free bags for the balloon(s) so it makes it thru the event or evening. - I bring my balloon mobile wagon which has all my supplies, my magical stuffed, balloon-blower-up bear, and my magic bell; plus some other props. (The kids love this!) - Sometimes, I also try and bring one or two ‘bigger’ sculptures with me to sort of give as door prizes. - Finally, I have a portable sound system that fits around my waist and a headset microphone. So, I can easily talk to larger crowds, to kids who may be farther back from me, and to other tables if doing tables at restaurants. - One last item … I do carry my own entertainers insurance policy.