Ikaros Greek Restaurant

5333 Adeline St. , Emeryville, CA

About Ikaros Greek Restaurant

Welcome to Ikaros Mediterranean & Greek Restaurant! We want you to feel as at ease at our restaurant as you would in the house of a close friend. Chef de cuisine George Adranly - In the late 1800s, George's great grandfather moved from Greece to Jerusalem. When George was a child, he began cooking with his grandmother in Ramallah. With her, he learned how to use allspice, sumac, cumin, cloves, and coriander, as well as spices from around the Mediterranean and Northern Africa, to bring out the greatest tastes in savory foods. Many of our meals are inspired by George's Greek ancestors and his childhood in Jerusalem and Ramallah. All of our recipes are cooked from scratch and are authentic. Our Mussels (which George made for Rochael the first time he cooked for her) are cooked in our house Greek wine and mix wonderfully with either of our Retsinas. Our Branzino (inspired by the St. Peter's Fish George's family used to grill on the shores of the Sea of Galilee) goes great with the Santorini Assyrtiko. Please request a wine sample and let our hosts pair it with your meal. Ikaros is named after the Greek island of Ikaria, which is known for its laid-back attitude, low stress, daily socializing, and nutritious eating. Allow us to infuse your dining experience with this Mediterranean flair!