Strength & Honor / Armored Warriors

Elburn, IL

About Strength & Honor / Armored Warriors

Historical Re-enactors with a theatrical look, wearing only the finest battle ready armor and weapons available to make any party an event. We offer Roman Legionnaires, Greek Hoplites and Barbarian Warriors as a Male, Female Couple, an ideal addition to any event with a Greek, Roman/Italian or Renaissance theme. We stay in top physical shape so we give our warriors a more authentic look and when you see us in person, we are truly a sight to see. Strength & Honor offers a motivational aspect as well, wherein, our female warrior carries the same weight of equipment as our male. We have experience working with weddings, private and public events, schools, both indoor and outdoor for children and adults, as well as working with the National Hellenic Museum, and will be at the Chicago Field Museum in 2015, for their upcoming Greek exhibit.