Katherine Knorp Photography

3157 Glen Avenue, Easton, PA

About Katherine Knorp Photography

Over the years I have learned that taking a good photograph doesn't always mean that there has to be a person standing in the frame, or that it always has to be centered. But there does have to be purpose. Am I capturing your newborn's face the way you see them? Are your family portraits showing the essence that you know? Is your child's innocence reflected in the end product you receive? These are some of the results that I aim to capture. Since I have always been the one standing behind the camera, and enjoyed being there, I thought it just a natural move for me to take it one step further. This wife and mother of three, is an on-location, self-taught photographer in Easton, PA who is also in love with her camera. My pricing is reasonable and I would be honored to have the chance to photograph you and your loved ones. Contact me for details.