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About U.S. Wedding Registries

Most wedding websites today are filled with ads, pop-ups and distractions. None of these things are there for you, your family & your friends benefit. They are there so these wedding websites can cater to advertisers and other interests. We do not follow this practice. Our wedding websites are designed to be all about you, your family and your friends! To make this part of your wedding planning as much to enjoy as your wedding day itself. Websites are totally free of charge Simple to set-up, just answer a few questions You control your website Totally interactive Wedding Planner Budgeting Calculators Wedding Calendar Event Scheduler & E-Mailer Interactive & Responsive RSVP System Interactive Seat Charting System Keep in Touch Email System No advertisements No Pop-Up Ads or Announcements Your own Blog Social Media Ready Photo Gallery Support System Your own Wedding Registry contained in your website No fees for Cash Gifts made through registry We do not collect your guests personal information! Totally Secure Webservers We do not ask for or store any credit card data