Crest Florist

23-24 Merry Lane, East Hanover, NJ


Crest florist shop - An Eventective User from burlington nj

I went to crest florist in new jersey because It was reccommended. they were very professional and talented and they understood my vision on how I wanted everything to look. there were 2000 guest and all 2000 guest commented on how beautiful my flowers were. I am just so happy on my decision on picking the crest florist company.Its located next to some rail road tracks but it didnt bother me at all The florist took me around and let me look at some of there samples of flowers and Right off he could see I was not impressed at all so he took out his laptop and let me show him what I would like for my flowers and the set up of how I wanted everything to look like. He was very patient. He had his pen and pad out trying to keep up with me I thought that was awesome and very professional,He was on his p's and q's trying not to make no mistakes and trying to keep the customer happy atleast. They had alot of center pieces for me to choose from and I also looked there little catalog it was so pretty how they had there catalog decorated.I will say if I could give them some pointers on there prices because there prices can get out of hand some times and they should give a discount on a certain percentage a person spends. That would help out alot and keep a person spending and coming back.