Wayne DeLoria, Guitar/Vocals - Detroit

Detroit, MI

About Wayne DeLoria, Guitar/Vocals - Detroit

Wayne DeLoria is a solo guitarist/vocalist, playing and singing selections from the late 1960’s through today. He has been performing since the ‘70s with a repertoire that includes some older standards, folk, soft rock, country, as well as, contemporary alternative. Wayne’s influences include The Beatles, Elton John, The Kingston Trio, James Taylor, and others. His talents are ideal for parties and other events where background or featured music is desired. He can tailor his song choices to a particular genre, and will work with his hosts to provide a balanced, professional performance suited to the event. Wayne provides all necessary equipment and can also fill in break periods with recorded music, fitting for the event. Wayne performs in the SW Michigan area from May through November, and in the Fort Myers Beach, Florida area from December through March. Wayne DeLoria Guitar/Vocals www.deloriahurst.com/tunes *NOT DISPLAYED* *NOT DISPLAYED*