Producer's Advantage

565 E. 70th. Ave., Unit 6E Denver, CO
A Locally Owned & Operated Company right here in Denver !!!! We make it a big point to have exactly what you need for a great event. Events, parties, weddings and any gathering where you really want to have a fun time. Amplified speakers, mics, projectors, screens, audio mixers up to 24 channels, even walkie talkies to keep in touch with everybody. Easy to use & hook up. We'll even show you how !!!! If there's some information you can't find do not hesitate to contact us !!! Are you an event planner? Ask for your professional discount. Your creativity is the only limitation. Give us a call.

Best place to go in Colorado !!, from Westminster, CO

They went out of their way for our event. Their gear wast top notch, worked perfectly and half what the other rental guys charge. The even showed us how to hook it up. We'll never go anywhere else again.