Premium Event Staffing Denver

2800 S Syracuse Way, Denver, CO

About Premium Event Staffing Denver

Premium Event Staffing provides Professional Bartenders, Servers, Helpers, Brand Ambassadors, Promo Models, and other staff members for hire for your special event. In addition to our Professional Bartenders and Servers, we offer additional event staff services. This includes movers, doormen, valet, event supplies, and more. Premium Event Staffing was established over 7 years ago. To date, we have successfully staffed thousands of private parties, weddings, corporate events, and large event venues. Currently, we have over 4,000 TIPS Certified Bartenders/Servers for hire in the Denver Metro area. All of our staff members are trained as Professional Bartenders and Servers, so you can save on the number of people you need for your event. The flow of an event is constantly changing, and the staff will adjust their duties based upon the needs of the event. This eliminates your need to hire job specific people. With Premium Event Staffing, you just have to hire manpower.