Bill Coleman Entertainment

930 S DECATUR ST, Denver, CO

About Bill Coleman Entertainment

Are you searching for a unique festival feature that appeals to kids of all ages? Would you jump at the chance to enhance your marketing opportunity? Are you looking for GREEN entertainment to engage both kids and adults? The 14 fot tall, solar powered, bubble blasting BubbleYou® Bubble Tower -the world's biggest bubble toy® is the answer! Eco-friendly FUNtertainment! For over ten years, folks at festivals, fairs and special events from Anchorage to Las Vegas, Aberdeen SD to Pasadena TX, and many other events in AZ, CO, MT, ND, OK, UT, WY have enjoyed -the world's biggest bubble toy® and you can too! No waiting in lines, no ticket entry, no generator fumes, but unlimited hours of fun! The squeals are deafening! Not because the BubbleYou® Bubble Tower -the world's biggest bubble toy ® is noisy, but because the kids (and their parents) are going nuts! Chasing and popping bubbles is only half the fun with the 14 foot tall, solar powered BubbleYou® Bubble Tower Sculpture. The other half is watching the crowd swoop and run and dance after the soaring bubbles. Or collecting masses of bubbles on their heads! The solar powered (with battery back up) BubbleYou® Bubble Tower is very quiet, but people respond with noisy abandon to the floating gobs of bubbles spewing from the top of the 14 foot tall pyramid. For even more fun, add the stilt walking party with dozens of classic hand held wood stilts, Giant Parade Puppets or strolling stilt walkers.
  • Special Features: Better days are coming... When you are ready, we'll be here to help you celebrate safely. Greetings from the BubbleYou® Bubble Tower -the world's biggest bubble toy® and Giant Fun hand washing station!