Danny Rembadi - Musician/Entertainer/Guitarist/Vocalist/Teacher

Denholm, QC

About Danny Rembadi - Musician/Entertainer/Guitarist/Vocalist/Teacher

Musician / Entertainer / Teacher *NOT DISPLAYED* *NOT DISPLAYED* The son of an Argentinean father and Irish-Canadian mother, he was exposed to an eclectic mix of music from Latin and Classical to Pop and Country. At 8-years-old after moving to Manotick he studied guitar and singing with his brother. Under the guidance of half a dozen teachers he learned many different styles of music including Classical, Latin, Folk, Blues, Pop, and Country. At 14 years old, with his brother Carlos, he began his professional career in Spanish restaurants strolling table-to-table performing Spanish, Classical and Latin American hits. At this time he began a serious study of the Classical Guitar. After 7 years, at 21 years old, Los Chicos, the name of their duo, changed their repertoire from exclusively Latin music to a mix of folk/rock/country using acoustic, steel-string and electric guitars instead of classical guitars. They also began working in pubs and bars. At the same time Danny started working at Dominic’s Academy of Music where he taught up to 50 students a week for over 4 years. In 1988, at the age of 25, Danny moved to Vancouver and worked in many of the best hotels and pubs in the city including the Chateau Whistler, The Renaissance Hotel, the Sutton Hotel, The Delta and the Pan Pacific. Since that time he’s worked Internationally around the world. Danny has worked as a soloist and with his own duo, trio, and quartet as a dance band, lounge act and variety act. He has an extensive repertoire in Classical, Latin/Spanish, Jazz Standards, Country, Folk, Irish, Rock & Roll, Blues and Pop. This includes many hits from the 1930’s on. Besides English and Spanish, he also sings in Portuguese, Italian, and French. His extensive repertoire and experience make him a perfect choice for any occasion. His years of experience make him a master at reading a room and picking music to suit every crowd and every occasion and setting.