Eclectic Eats Catering

1731 N Federal Highway Delray Beach, FL
At our catered events you will experience a unique miscellany of tastes and aromas that bring the world to your plate. We've married our French Mediterranean techniques with our love of exploring various food cultures and methods. Our result is an Eclectic Fusion Cuisine crafted with the world's best approaches. Our approach to sustainability is a combination of positivity, organic lifestyle and innovation that seeks to research and apply sustainable solutions to environmental challenges. Our On-site Organic Garden is a unique continuous experiment of old world horticulture practices married to sustainability concepts and techniques. For example, we irrigate only with rainwater harvested on our premises, while we recharge ground water with the surplus. Exotic herbs such as Thai basil, precious saffron and chocolate mint thrive in this organic and sustainable environment. Maintenance practices of our second Ornamental Garden is also geared towards environmental protection and sustainability. This makes both gardens a healthy habitat for animals and birds frequently visiting us.
West Palm Beach, FL  
$18.95-$49.95 per person
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