Sunset Junkies

4730 Good Rd, Delphos, OH

About Sunset Junkies

The Sunset Junkies are an original four-piece rock band based in Lima, Ohio. We have created a great deal of original music and enjoy bringing our music to our fans and music lovers everywhere throughout our great state. While we pride ourselves on our original music, our set list also contains some familiar cover songs mixed in so that audience members can sing and dance along with some of their familiar favorites. The band creates an atmosphere that can be enjoyed by fans of any age, and believe in music as a force that can bring people of all ages and walks of life together. Live, The Sunset Junkies are a force to be reckoned with. Our gigs take our audiences on a musical journey that incorporates many different elements and styles, all while providing good, solid, guitar-based rock and roll. We believe in always putting on the best show possible for our fans and audiences, and guarantee that you’ll come away smiling. Best of all, we believe in being professional, friendly, and laid-back at each gig, and always enjoy seeing new and familiar faces at each gig. More than music, it’s a way of life.