Bistro Crepes LLC

211 E 2nd Street, Dearborn, MO
You want unique and delicious cuisine for your special event at a reasonable price. We cater savory crepes to weddings and receptions. At the venue we cook the crepes and main fillings of Chicken Kiev topped with Hollandaise sauce, Beef Stroganoff with mushrooms and onions in sour cream, Cherry Cheesecake or Apple Strudel topped with whipped cream. We include with entrees salads of broccoli with broccoli florets, bacon bits, green onion and raisins in a ranch dressing or potato with with onions, carrots, potatoes, pickles and chicken in light mayonnaise. Our entrees and desserts per person are less than $15 per person. Our savory crepes are unique Ukrainian cuisine prepared by professional cooks and served wearing traditional Ukrainian fashions.