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Our company is about serving the best products that are healthy and tastes great. This is a family business which is owned and operated together. The name J.A.K.E.S. stands for everyone who is in the family, (Jonathan, Angela, Kevin, Elizabeth, and Sammy the dog. We are a mobile food cart and we come to you for events. Our products are the best and it isn't a product that you will be able to purchase in a local supermarket. Our hot dogs are all beef and none of our products have HFCS. One of the many slogans or sayings is that: "We wont serve you anything that we wouldn't serve ourselves". It took 3 years before making our first sale for J.A.K.E.S. hot dogs, because we at J.A.K.E.S. wanted to be sure we had a great product that would stand out from all the rest of the competition. If you are not completely satisfied with our product or our service you will receive a full refund HFCS - High Fructose Corn Syrup
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