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About Access DJs

Access DJs is a top-rated mobile DJ company based in Central Florida, with many years experience in the business. We cover all events and all DJ service needs... weddings, karaoke, holidays, clubs/bars, company events, anniversaries, graduations, school events, and more. Our music library is vast and covers everything from the oldest of oldies to the newest music out. We use only modern and efficient equipment. Our DJs are clean-cut, well-groomed, and well-mannered, with much personality on the microphone as the MC for your event. Professional service at reasonable rates. DJs available 24/7.


Amazing! - An Eventective User from Indian town FL

Access DJs was more then just the best DJ but saved my wedding day! When my officiant was a no show he jumped in without hesitation and saved the day! He really saved my wedding!! He’s personable, amazing, gets the crowd hyped and made our wedding such a fun amazing event!! I would recommend him for any event he’s not only a amazing DJ but a amazing person

Couldn't have been any better - An Eventective User from Daytona Beach, FL

I've only been to a couple weddings before and I wasn't really paying attention to the DJ. I guess it's one of those things, you just don't really notice until you go through it for yourself. Anyway what I do know is I don't see how any DJ could have done it any better than our DJ did. Everything was perfect. Five stars for sure!

five stars!!! - An Eventective User from Daytona Beach

Had a totally memorable experience at our wedding, DJ Rob was a big part of it and we thank you graciously sir! Kept the party going all night... great music choices, awsome lighting, the party was rockin!

Good at what they do! - An Eventective User from Daytona Beach, FL

Rob was an aweomse DJ for us we had a great wedding and thank him so much for all what he did and everything. Well worth the price and fun and talented guy great at what he does. Got out on the dance floor and got the whole place turned up with some unexpected dance moves. Great DJ voice too sounds like he should be on the radio or something we had a blast thank you so much Rob good times and we will definately refer you to friends!

awesome combination of many services we needed - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

My now wife and I are happy to say that it was a very good decision on our part to hire these guys for all of our needs. We used them for DJ service, lighting, photo booth, photography, and videography. Everything was awesome at the wedding, every member of their team was so nice and friendly and took care of all our needs. We loved the mirror photo booth and so did all our family and guests everyone got really cool and funny pictures and we loved the options the mirror gives you. Rob was awesome as the leader of the pack and made sure all our needs were met in all areas well before the wedding even came and then he did an awesome job as the DJ and emcee too. Our videographers and photographers were always in the right place at the right time catching what needed to be caught. The ceremony and reception went flawlessly on all ends. Of course the final piece of the puzzle would be the actual photos and videos we received but we were very confident with what we were anticipating especially after receiveing just a handful of samples shortly after the wedding. When we did get all the completed pics and videos they came out as good as we expected if not even better. My wife was ecstatic with the photos which was more her thing, where my thing was more the video and I was super happy with the way it turned out and the work that was put into it. The lighting at the wedding was also totally awesome and really beefed up the pics and video too. To think all the work it would have been to hire separate companies to do each of these things and we were so fortunate enough as to get it all in one package which made things super easy and manageable. We didn;t have a wedding planner so we were doing it all ourself and this made the work much less difficult. After comparing so many DJ's and so many photographers and so many videographers it got to be very overwhelming. So we just went with them because they offered it all and yeah we literally made the best decision ever with that. Praise to Access for their excellent work and ease in working with. We are so happy and greatful.

Hired them for DJ service, photography, videography and officiant - An Eventective User from Daytona Beach, FL

Hired them for DJ service, photography, videography, lighting and officiant service. We were very satisfied with all aspects. Everyone did a wonderful job. Rob was our officiant and our DJ, he did a great job with both, was fun and enthusiastic and very likable by everyone there and did a great job with the party. Our photos and video came out beautiful and were received in a timely manner. 5 stars for the whole Access DJ's crew, thank you all very much.

Ideal DJ + Photographer combination - An Eventective User from St Augustine, FL

With Rob as our DJ and Elena as our photographer we had the ideal combination for music and photos. They were both super fun and friendly and easy to work with and both were very personable with all the guests. Everyone loved them both. Rob did a perfect job throughout the reception keeping everything on schedule and accommodating all of our special requests that were all discussed in advance. Elena did a perfect job catching all the moments that unfolded both planned and unexpected. She had an eagle eye out there! After receiving the finished photos we were very happy with them, they were very beautiful in fact. Excellent combination of skills from both of them and we so much appreciate what they did to make our wedding so special. :)

nice job at our country wedding - An Eventective User from New Smyrna

We had our country wedding at the Grand Ol Barn in New Smyrna and hired Access DJs. I said in advance that my people don't dance haha, so don't take it personals. We are country people all the way and he did so good with the music and my crowd. We'd only gave him a handful of songs but he said he knew his country music and yes he sure did. He did play some dance stuff too and surprisingly there was more dancing going on than i thought there would be! Great job, thank you so mcuh, we had so much fun.

FLAWLESS JOB, 100% SATISFACTION - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

My now wife and I hired Access DJs for our wedding that took place on November 28 in Orlando FL. We were blown away by everything and our guests are still telling us how great the DJ was. Rob was our DJ and he was on point with every single thing throughout the whole thing. He went out of his way several times on small details that we had overlooked, that really weren't his job at all but he did them anyway. For example when it was time to cut the cake, Rob quickly realized there was no plate and silverware on the cake table for us to use, so he ran into the back real quick and ran back out with a plate and knife and forks. It's so cool that he did that, that's totally not even part of his job but he could see what was happening and fixed it for us anyway. The music was on fire all night long, he transitioned so well from style to style and gave everyone a good variety of very danceable music, while throwing in some great slow dance songs at seemingly the perfect time. We have already referred him to another couple who is engaged who couldn't be there at our wedding. Rob went above and beyond for us and we believe he would do the same for anyone. You can tell he really cares about his clients. Totally recommend Access DJs to anyone and everyone! FIVE STARS, PERFECT PERFORMANCE, PERFECT EVERYTHING!

great job and affordable pricing - An Eventective User from Daytona Beach, FL

We were very happy with Access DJs as our wedding DJ. They were great with everything leading up to the wedding and did a perfect job at the wedding itself. Their prices are very affordable too. Great service at a great price, you can't go wrong with that.

best karaoke wedding ever! - An Eventective User from Kissimmee, FL

We hired Access DJ's for our karaoke wedding in August and everything was perfect. Rob assured me they were proficient in both karaoke service as well as wedding DJ service which is exactly what we were looking for and harder to find than you might think. We found that most karaoke DJ's didn't even want to have anything to do with a wedding, and most wedding DJ's didn't want to have anything to do with karaoke! It was surprising to us but that's what we encountered. So we kept looking and eventually found these guys and Rob told us he could totally do both and really enjoyed doing both so that was it, the deal was sealed. And he came through on what he said by 100%! So if you want karaoke at your wedding, look no further!

thanks so much, great job! - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

For our wedding on Sep 9th we used Access DJs and got Rob as our DJ. He did a perfect job with everything and we couldn't have been happier. The uplights were amazing and he also had really cool party lights and even lights for the cake. The whole thing looked so good when all put together like that. We did a first look in the room early in the day and it was of course beautiful with all of our decor... but when we did our entrance into the reception we had not yet seen the 3 different sets of lights and it had really took the already beautiful room and bumped it up by about 1000% !!!!! Definitely hire Access DJs for your wedding, and definitely get the lights!!!

Great job on our weird wedding! - An Eventective User from St Augustine, FL

Rob from Access DJs did an excellent job sticking to our very detailed instructions. We like different music than what you would hear at most weddings so we were very meticulous about the playlist. Rob never questioned anything and was very understanding that what we wanted was something different than what he probably normally does. So he stuck to our playlist of unusual music and made everything fit together very nicely. We were also super detailed on how we were going to be entering the reception and ceremony, and again all of it was very out of the ordinary. Some DJs we called before booking anyone were already giving us a fight about what they thought we should be doing instead. Rob was very accommodating and did everything we wanted just right. We appreciate him for his patience with us and for doing a great job with what we were specifically looking for. Five stars for sure!

Excellent integration of the cultures - An Eventective User from Daytona Beach Florida

We have to say thank you to Rob for doing so good with our multi-cultural crowd. With one half of the family being Irish and the other half being African, we have to say it was an excellent integration of all the music. Rob had the Irish people dancing to African music and the African people dancing to Irish music. Pretty impressive! And then filling in the blanks in between to just play normal pop music to make people dance, he had it all covered. We are thankful we ended up going with Access DJs. Thanks Rob!

THEY DO IT ALL! - An Eventective User from Deltona, FL

Perfect execution from Access DJs. The whole crew was great. We hired them for DJ service AND photography AND videography AND photo booth AND lighting. It really made it very easy for us because this way we didn't have to shop around for all those things separately. Anyway the DJ did an excellent job and we were pretty confident the photographer and videographer did as well, but that was confirmed definite when we did get our finished photos and videos. So they all did an awesome job with everything. The photo booth was a smash hit and the lighting really set the party off. Happy and greatful we went with them for so many different services, we highly recommend their work, thank you all.

Just hire the best - An Eventective User from Saint Cloud FL

If you want some good wedding advice here it is: just cut through all the red tape and hire these guys. Rob had it down from start to finish and nailed it. We didn't have a wedding planner or coordinator so Rob basically took on that role too. Very easy to work with while being fun and communicative. My wife put me in charge of the DJ side of things, it was my one and only job lol, so thanks Rob for making me look good :)

awesome job! - An Eventective User from Daytona Beach, FL

Rob from Access DJ's did an awesome job with our wedding in all aspects. The music selections were great and he played his own stuff as well as what we wanted to hear and it was the perfect mixture. He was funny on the mic too and made sure everyone knew what was going on. He was always super freindly on the phone too and always there by text when i had even the smallest question. We definately give him and Access DJ's 5 stars and 2 thumbs up!

Thanks for our "SUPER" wedding! - An Eventective User from Daytona beach

Rob was the perfect DJ for our wedding and probably for anyone else's wedding too! We had a superhero themed wedding and he came up with some really cool stuff through the dinner. He would play superhero theme songs and match the uplight colors to the hero, it was awesome. For example, he played the superman theme and changed the lights to red and blue. He dropped audio bits throughout the night of classic lines from batman, the joker, superman, and the newer marvel movies too. We didn't even ask him to do that, it was all his idea. We told him whatever he could come up with that would add to our theme he was welcome to do and he surprised us all quite awesomely! On top of all the coolness the reception was banging the whole time, everyone danced all night long. Thanks for our SUPER wedding!

Five stars for sure! - An Eventective User from Daytona Beach, FL

Rob and Elena were great to work with at this wedding and make a great DJ/Photographer team! I'm so glad we hired them for both services, it made everything much easier to work with a two-in-one vendor instead of two separate ones. Rob is such an amazing DJ, he really has a way with the microphone. He even got out and the dance floor and busted out with some impressive moves, everyone cheered, it was fun. The music selection was just right, he kept the party going the whole time. Elena was a pleasure to work with on the photography side, she really knows her stuff. We got some really great shots that she posed us for using the surrounding area. We were really impressed with everything. Definitely five stars for them both!

Great music and a great wedding - An Eventective User from St. Augustine, FL

Thanks so much to DJ Rob for making our reception truly special. We couldn't have asked for anything better. You were perfect. Everyone had such a wonderful time and Roger and I are as pleased as we could be. Thank you so much. :)

perfect fit for our unique and picky music - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

The perfect fit for our wedding. No cheesy music no line dances he played exactly what we told him to and it was great. Our crowd is not into mainstream music at all so we were very particular about the music that was played and he did a great job with it. Thanks for playing our music buddy even though I know it's probably not what you're used to.

So much fun! - An Eventective User from Daytona Beach, FL

DJ Rob was highly professional and very entertaining. We had a cultural hodge-podge going on at our wedding and regardless of some of the odd "world music" requests we gave him (and our guests did too) he kept the energy going through the whole reception. We had some timing issues happen too with some of the various things (some of our family memebers), and he improvised perfectly and it all went very smooth. He also helped us find our photographer who was great as well. Perfect job, it was so muich fun, thanks so much!!

rocked the house! - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

Rob was great from start to finish. He had all aspects down pat. From the very start of the ceremony he was guiding us along through all the wedding "stuff" in the reception. Then when it was time to party he had an awesome selection, put it all together perfectly and kept everyone movin and shakin! Great job and highly recomended!

Great service and great value! - An Eventective User from Daytona Beach, FL

We hired Rob as our wedding DJ for this past May. We were more than happy with the way he ran the whole wedding. There's a lot going on all at once and we really didn't have any idea what we were doing. Rob assured us in advance that he has done so many weddings that it's second nature to him and that we would be in great hands, and he came through on that promise totally! His price was also reasonable, not the cheapest but not the most expensive either, and definitely worth every penny!

great party music and great party! - An Eventective User from Orlando

Rob was so great to have as our DJ, he kept everyone dancing all night and seemed to always pick the right music for our crowd and for the moment, everything flowed so nicely together. He's also a great MC and very entertaining on the mic. He even got on the dance floor with us and busted out some impressive moves. Very good entertainment all around, thanks for making out reception so fun and upbeat.

Couldn't have had a better DJ - An Eventective User from Daytona Beach, FL

Referred to us by our photographer, this was a great experience all around. We had a great time and our DJ kept the dance floor packed the whole time. Lighting was awesome too, highly recommended all around.

Caliente! Caliente! Caliente! - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

Excellent job on the Latin music. I know we are pushy and boisterous group haha, so I'm glad you guys handled everything so well. We all had an amazing time, thank you for bringing the whole thing to life the way you did. :)

Good save! - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

We had an awesome DJ who obviously had a lot of experience at weddings before. We had several issues happen at the wedding that messed up our timeline completely (nothing to do with the DJ, I mean issues with the bridal party and the food AND our cake) and our DJ was able to quickly improvise and rearrange things to make everything still flow throughout the reception. I must admit I was in a panic and flustered, and our DJ was very understanding of that and assured me everything would work out ok and that he was going to make it all still fit together, and he did exactly that! When all was said and done we had an awesome wedding and I really don't think it would have gone as well if our DJ wasn't so great! Thank you a million times over!

perfect choice for our wedding needs - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

Super accommodating to all of our needs, saved us at the last minute after our other DJ cancelled on us! We don't know what we would have done without Rob and honestly I don't think our other DJ would have been nearly as good. It was a blessing in disguise.

We were 100% satisfied with... - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

We were 100% satisfied with all aspects of dealing with these guys. All the way from the first phone call, to all the follow-ups we recieved from them, to the price we paid, and to the actual service we got. They were great leading up to the wedding and great at the wedding and everyone had a super fun time, they kept the dance floor going all night and just knew all the right music to play, while also sliding our requested playlist songs in right where they fit. 5 stars for sure!!!

very impressive - An Eventective User from Daytona Beach, FL

we were very impressed with the service we got from access. everyone we talked to on the phone before the wedding was great and our actual dj at the wedding was awesome. He stuck to our playlist very closely and didn't play the songs on our do-not-play list. We have a few friends who's dj did not do that and they were not happy about it, so we're glad our dj followerd our wishes. we also did though give him the freedom to play songs of his choosing that weren't on our list and he did a very good job with that, we were happy with all the music overall and so were our friends and family, everyone danced and had fun. very good interaction with the crowd on the mic and threw in a few funny things we weren't expecting that worked really good. i don't really see how any other dj we hired could have done a better job. oh and the lights were awesome too.

Above and beyond - An Eventective User from St Augustie FL

Rob did an amazing job with our wedding on New Year's Day. He was prompt with all communication before and during the wedding and he really helped a lot with things that probably don't even fall under what the DJ is actually supposed to do. We didn't have a planner and the whole thing was very disorganized, looking back. If it wasn't for Rob's experience and expertise I really don't know what we would have done lol. He really took on the role as the planner/coordinator on top of running the music and doing the announcements. Just for one example, when we went to cut the cake Rob came over and asked us "do you guys know how this works?" And the answer was a big NO, we had no idea lol. So not only did he explain to us how the bride and groom are supposed to cut the cake, but when he realized there wasn't even a plate for us to put the piece of cake on, he ran and got one and was back in a flash. We've never been married before but we're pretty sure that part isn't the DJ's job lol. So he really went above and beyond his duties helping with the actual process of everything, beyond just what he was supposed to be doing as the DJ. On top of that, the music was great and he played a great selection and had everyone dancing the whole time. We really liked the variety of music that was played, and the fact that he played some great stuff for all age groups - we had a lot of kids and a lot of older people and then everyone in between and Rob really did a great job catering to all age groups. We would definitely refer anyone else getting married or having a party to them. Thanks so much for making it such a great time. :D

Destination wedding - An Eventective User from Raleigh, NC

We had a great experience with Access DJ's for our destination wedding. Everyone came from North Carolina down to Daytona Beach Florida (where we had a few family members). We couldn't have gotten a better experience as far as a wedding DJ goes. Rob was awesome and made everyone's experience one to definitely be remembered. Thank you!

very impressed - An Eventective User from Daytona Beach, FL

We were very impressed with the service we recieved from Access DJ's especially Rob who was our actual DJ. Everything was perfect at the wedding and he was very attentive to our needs leading up to the wedding. We really couldn't have asked for a better DJ. Thank you so much Rob and we wish you many more happy weddings. :)

very pleased with everything - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

We had an awesome experience with Adrienne as our wedding DJ. She was super accomodating and played every song on our list (we had a very specific playlist with some unusual music on it). Everyone had a great time even though their was not much dancing going on (we warned her going in that would happen and not to take it personally, that's just our group, not big dancers, just not our thing). I knew we wanted to leave her a good review but wanted to wait until we got our photos and video (since we hired them for all 3 of these service.) The photographer and videographer were super nice and on top of their game the whole time at the wedding. We got the pics and they are all super nice, so they did a great job on that too. The video was very well put together too and we were very happy. So we were very pleased with all 3 of the things we hired them for. I would definately reccommend them to anyone looking for an easy bundling of all of these things, definately saved us a lot of headache..

Killed it on the Hora Loca! - An Eventective User from Daytona Beach, FL

We had the best time ever, thank you so much! Killed it with the Hora Loca!

Thanks for making me look good! - An Eventective User from St. Augustine, FL

The perfect DJ for our wedding. Great music selection all night, the variety was all there for all the different aged guests and the flow of everything was great too. very good on the mic, didn't sound cheesy or like a radio DJ, just clear and natural sounding announcements, also entertaining on the mic. it was my main responsibility as the groom to pick the DJ and the wifey couldn't have been happier. As they say, happy wife happy life! So thanks to these guys I nailed it. Thanks for makin me look good! Great way to start a marriage. Two thumbs up for Access.

thanks - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

Thanks for all your hard work you could really tell you were very experienced but we didnt quite realize it that until after the wedding. You did a great job and i guess there really isn't much more we could have wanted out of a wedding dj. thank you again so much!

rocked the party - An Eventective User from Altamonte Springs, FL

Used them for our wedding just this past weekend. Me and my wife were super happy and all the guests had an awesome time. Everyone dance the whole time. Our DJ threw it down!! Even got out on the dance floor and busted out some sick moves! We weren't expecting that lol and everyone cheered and watched. Now THAT'S entertainment! Totally awesome DJ!

great dj for our different type of wedding - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

Everyone from Access was awesome. We had a wonderful wedding experience with our DJ who was very cooperative with all of our needs some of which were probably out of the ordinary and probably seemed even downright weird to them (lol). We had a very unusual playlist and they were able to make that work without a hitch. Our wedding was very different than the usual wedding due to our ethnic backgrounds and so we needed someone who could step out of the zone of what they were used to and just do what WE wanted to do and that is exactly what we got with Access. We could not have been happier. They did an amazing job and were the perfect fit for what we needed. if we could give them SIX stars we would!

Highly Professional - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

Great group of guys and a totally professional team. DJ Rob was perfect with the music and on the mic. Everything was kept alive and flowing all night. Our guests danced the whole entire time once the party got started. We couldn't have asked for better service. Hire these guys if you want to get it right!

our awesome wedding - An Eventective User from Daytona Beach, FL

Our wedding went off without a hitch and was a beautiful experience and such a fun time. Our DJ was so funny on the mic we really enjoyed his personality and song selection. I have been to 7 or 8 weddings in my life and the DJ was not nearly as good as the one we had whom was provided by this company.

Excellent DJ & Photography work - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

Access provided an amazing DJ experience for our wedding. Our DJ went out of his way to make sure all of our requests were played and we really appreciated that. The photography they did for us was also excellent. Our photographer knew just how to pose us and came up with some really great creative shots. And both our DJ and photographer were very nice and very on the ball with excellent communication before and during the wedding. Five stars for sure! Thanks guys!

Perfect! - An Eventective User from St Augustine, FL

Thanks for making our wedding an amazing fun time for us and all our guests. Everyone loved our DJ and the lightshow was totally awesome, definitely money well spent. We have some friends getting married and they will defintely be getting in touch with you guys, thanks again it was a real pleasure!

Great Experience - An Eventective User from Port Orange, FL

Amazing job on all things we hired Access for.... including not only the DJ and the awesome lighting, but also the photo and video work. Really great stuff, my fiance and I really felt like you guys went above and beyond in all areas. Thanks so much, we will never forget our awesome experience.

Great all-in-one wedding package - An Eventective User from Daytona Beach, FL

These guys are just great, we used them for our dj service and photography and videography also photo booth and lighting. The price we paid was less than the cost of pricing out all those vendors individually, and the convenience of doing it all with one company was immeasurable. Our dj was amazing, totally rocked the whole night, flawless execution of all of the stuff (like the dances and bouquet, etc) and an awesome mc to boot. Our pictures and videos came out amazing and were delivered well before the max time frame we were given. If you want to save yourself a lot of hassle, get these guys to do it all for you, they are awesome. :)

december 18 wedding - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

we had an awesome dj for our wedding who really helped us acheive exactly what we were looking for, very good communication with us before the wedding as we had a lot of special instructions and different things going on that aren't normally in traditional weddings and everything still went off without a hitch

excellent - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

You guys did an excellent job at our wedding. Very professional and thorough. Good communication before and during the wedding. I really like how you focused on the music we wanted heard. Thank you for everything and good luck to you in the future with everything.

GREAT JOB! - An Eventective User from Daytona Beach, FL

Killer job at our wedding guys! My fiance put me in charge of only one thing and that was finding the DJ... so thanks for making me look good! :) The up lights were awesome they really made the room, glad we went with those. Thanks for everything guys.

we couldn't have asked for better - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

we couldn't have asked for a better dj for our wedding. you made everything so much fun for everyone. we loved how you closed the wedding out at the end, we weren't expecting anything like that and hadn't talked about that, i guess you had one last trick up your sleeve for us! awesome awesome awesome!

excellent job - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

Thank you so much for sending us Adrienne as our wedding DJ. She did a perfect job and was very outgoing from the start. We are passing your info along to our good friends who were at the wedding and are getting married next year. We really appreciate everything and couldn't be happier.

5 star job! - An Eventective User from Daytona Beach, FL

Thank you guys so much for the brilliant good time. I know I was a little bit of a bridezilla before the wedding, but I want you to know I couldn't be happier with the job you did. Everything was so perfect. Thank you so much. :)

THANK YOU - An Eventective User from St Cloud, FL

Wonderful service, great communication, everything was perfect. Thank you so much!

From the mother of the bride - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

Thank you so much Rob for making my daughter's wedding such a wonderful experience. You were an absolute blast and a pleasure to work with. I appreciate all of your professionalism and constant contact. You were always there to answer any questions we had. We will refer Access DJs to anyone who we know looking for any of the services you offer. Thank you again for everything, it was perfect.

Great all the way around! - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

We had an awesome DJ, amazing photos and video, great lighting, and a great wedding. This is a truly pro wedding company. I can't say enough good things!

5 stars - An Eventective User from Daytona Beach, FL

Thanks for the perfect wedding entertainment. You were awesome, we loved it.

Our wedding - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

You guys knocked it out of the park! My wife and I couldn't be happier. Best party many of our guests have been to in years. Thank you over and over again.

April 11 wedding - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

Rob thank you so much for a great experience. You were a huge part of our wedding and I know it would not have been the same without you. I'm so glad we went with you. You can definitely expect more business from us and our friends in the coming months. Thank you again so much!

Thank you for a wonderful experience - An Eventective User from St. Augustine, FL

I just wanted to thank you guys so much for all you did for us at our wedding, it definitely would not have been the same without you guys there, me and Gary cannot thank you enough, please keep in touch, we have some other events coming up too, thank you again so much, you guys were awesome.

Amazing job - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

Thank you Rob so much for an amazing job at our wedding. We knew you were the right choice when we saw you at our friend's wedding a few months back. But we didn't experience all the behind the scenes stuff for her wedding. Now that we got to experience all of that too, we know that you are a true professional. We can't thank you enough, amazing job.

Great DJ! - An Eventective User from Daytona Beach, FL

If you want to save yourself a lot of work, book these guys! Rob not only did an amazing job as our DJ, but also basically acted as our wedding coordinator. My husband and me didn't really know anything about weddings, and Rob had it all under control. Thank you so much!

Excelent - An Eventective User from Daytona Beach, FL

You rocked it Rob! We will always remember what a great party our reception was, and thanks to you so will all of our guests. Excellent job, you NAILED it! Thank you!

12-4-14 - An Eventective User from Oviedo, FL

Thank you for a wonderful job on behalf of myself and my wife. It was a pleasure. We will definitely reffer you to anyone we know who needs a DJ anytime down the line. Thanks again.

YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

This company did a kick-@$$ job on every single part of our wedding. The DJ was a blast the photos and videos are flawless and we couldn't have been happier in any way. Thank you guys so much... you are awesome!

Wedding on November 30 - An Eventective User from St Augustine, FL

Thank you guys so much for doing our wedding. We loved everything... the music selection, the style and class on the microphone, the positive and friendly attitude... the beautiful up-lights, the dance lights, the photo booth and prints. Really a great job on everything, thank you so much.

Great job - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

Excellent job on everything guys, thank you so much. You really made our wedding special and memorable.

My beautiful wedding - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

DJ Rob went above and beyond my and my husband's expectations for our wedding. He did a perfect job with all aspects of the reception. He was kind, professional, easy to deal with, always there for any questions or concerns we had before the wedding, and a pleasure to have as not only our DJ but also MC. He played a major role in our perfect and beautiful wedding and we will always remember that. Thank you Rob. :)

Nov 22 wedding - An Eventective User from Daytona Beach

PERFECT job on our wedding last week. Thank you guys so much for making the night, and making things so easy for us. Excellent communication, professionalism and preparedness. We can't thank you enough.

THANK YOU! - An Eventective User from Orlando

Thank you guys so much for making our wedding so great. We had no idea how much multi-tasking a wedding DJ does. Thank you for making everything go off without a hitch, and for great memories!

thank you so much - An Eventective User from orlando

thank you guys so much for an amazing wedding experience, we couldn't have asked for anything better

quality professionals - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

We used them for our DJ service, photograhy AND videography. They have been amazing. The reception was so much fun, the DJ was perfect. We have now received our photos and video and are more than thrilled with the quality of work. We were a little skeptical at first using them for all 3 services but they were totally amazing and it really saved us a lot of work in the end. Thanks so much guys.

Perfect job - An Eventective User from St Augustine

You guys were awesome, thank you so much for an incredible night!

Awesome DJs - An Eventective User from Orlando

We hired Access DJs for our wedding last Friday. It was a total blast. They were friendly, professional and on-the-money with every single detail. Everyone dance and had a blast the whole time. Thank you guys for an excellent experience.

Thank you so much - An Eventective User from Orlando, FL

Awesome job from this company. The ceremony music was perfect, reception was SOO much fun, MC service was perfect, everything was just awesome. They also did our photography and videography which is awesome too, we are totally satisfied with our content. Would definately reccomend this company for all 3 of these services... save yourself the hassle of dealing with three companies, these guys have it all covered.

Awesome DJ service! - An Eventective User from Orlando

We used this company for my daughter's sweet 16 party, they were awesome! The kids had SO much fun, they danced to things I never thought they'd dance to! When I asked the DJ how he worked that magic, after the event was over, he said "it's all in how you transition... we can make the kids jam to ANYTHING as long as it flows correctly." He was right! The club lights were totally awesome too. 5star job for a 5star company, thank you so much.

THANK YOU!!! - An Eventective User from Orlando, Florida

My husband and I were just married in late April. We used Access DJ's who we found through eventective. We were absolutely thrilled with their services. Everything was perfect.... they were on time and prepared, they were well-dressed and very friendly and polite, they were great on the mic, they were great with the guests, and they played an outstanding selection of music! Thank you guys so much!!!