Allison Cheng Photography

Danielson, CT

About Allison Cheng Photography

Allison Cheng is a twenty-one year old English and Print Journalism Major studying at the beautiful Quinnipiac University. She loves to see the beauty in all that surrounds her and set value to things for what they are and what they’re worth, and to make them be worth something. Her father, John Cheng left his IT job at UBS and created his own photography business with her mother, Selma in 2009 and went into full force into what has now become a highly respected, well known and personable company within the USA Gymnastics Community. Allison Cheng Photography is a branch of Team Photo with the same value and respect. Grown up in a successful business, Allison has adopted many of the same values and morals following the footsteps of her parents lead and into her own business. Fun, care free and loving, Allison continues her passion as a photographer and only hopes to share the beautiful memories that are to come!