Muse Lighting Design

1935 Abshire Lane, Dallas, TX
With over 12 years in theatrical lighting experience, Dallas Lighting Designer Patrick Thompson brings you Muse Lighting Design. Learning this craft at Six Flags Over Texas, Patrick designed, installed, and ran lighting for the park's entertainment and a few attractions as well. Venturing to another theme park, Patrick designed lighting for a show in Walt Disney World's ABC Theater at the Walt Disney Studios Park. He's also designed shows for MSG Productions, Legacy Events, P&S Productions, Richardson High School's Eaglettes, Dance Revolution 2014-2015 Tour, multiple DFW weddings and special events, and more. Muse Lighting Design has top-quality lighting instruments in stock to give your show or event an eye-catching, truly professional appearance. If we don't have it, we can get it! Our stock includes the most modern and portable lighting console available. This means that we have absolute control over all lighting - at all times. Too many events have DJs "running" their own lighting. Let the DJs focus on their music. Leave the lighting to Muse. Muse's extensive background in theater (both on and behind stage) allows for exceptional levels of intuition for timing and mood changes. In short, tell us the mood and atmosphere that you want. We will make it happen. We look forward to making your event a powerful and memorable one!