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About Matthew T Rader | Dallas Wedding Photographer

I am Dallas Wedding Photographer Matthew T Rader. I primarily photograph weddings in the DFW area and I also do destination weddings, nationally and internationally. I’ve been photographing weddings for over 7 years now and have traveled all over to photograph them, from Australia to New York, from Indianapolis to New Mexico. No matter where you are getting married and now matter the venue or style, I can photograph your beautiful wedding. Cherish Love’s Story is what weddings and my photography is all about. As each beautiful couple celebrates Love’s story within their lives and families, I document the unfolding of that love on their wedding day. Cherish Love’s Story defines how I capture each wedding by focusing on moments that are authentic and beautiful. It also means that I do not have a singular style that I impose onto your wedding. Instead, I integrate the colors, themes, and environment of your wedding into your photographs and how I edit each photo. When you look at your wedding photos for the first time, you are going to feel like you are experiencing your special day all over agin. Cherish Love’s Story is my encouragement to couples as they embark on a new journey together of the rest of their lives. The photographs I give them are for them to do just that, to cherish Love’s story each and everyday. Cherish Love’s Story is how I see weddings, they are much more than just ceremonies, I see them as a celebration of life and love. A wonderful gift from God. The coming together of not only two people, but two entire families. They are the beginning of new generations to come. I bring these perspectives and attitudes to each wedding I photograph. I approach weddings with a photojournalistic style, focusing on candid moments that capture the emotion and beauty of the day.