DJ Mike Production

329 E. Colorado Blvd., Dallas, TX
DJ Mike Was Founded in 2002 by Mike Garrett. How will I tell you about DJ Mike Production by giving you some questions with answers. How long have you been a DJ? How many weddings do you do each year? DJ Mike has been DJing for over 28 years with an average of 45 wedding performances and an average of 40 non-wedding events each year. Do you provide a written contract? Yes! For DJMP it is extremely important to have your booking information confirmed in writing. This along with your security deposit will secure your special day. Who will be the DJ at our wedding? DJ Mike Production offers the most qualified talented Disc Jockey Service for your special day. You will have the opportunity to interview, in person, the specific DJ that you will be working with and determine whether you feel comfortable with them. May we meet with you in person before we sign a contract? Yes! When choosing a DJ one of the most important things to remember is that you feel 100% comfortable with the DJ you choose. We want to get to know you, your personality, and your style. We will discuss musical and lighting design ideas and your vision of what you imagine your special day to be. Will you be willing to play request and discuss music ahead of time? Yes! At DJMP we will meet with you to discuss your musical selections. We will accommodate your musical taste and guide you along the way using our expertise to make it all work. Will we meet again before the wedding? Yes! At DJ Mike Production we prefer to have a follow up meeting to discuss musical and lighting selections and a final meeting to finalize all selections. Can we visit you at a performance? NO! Just as we are sure that you wouldn’t appreciate DJMP inviting prospective clients to your wedding, we extend the same privacy to each of our clients and not offer this as a possibility. Will you be suitably dressed for our occasion? At DJMP we dress for the occasion. Wedding attire is formal, corporate events require corporate dress, and if you are having a theme party we dress to fit in. Do you use professional equipment? Yes! We provide a top of the line, all digital sound system, which can meet the need of any event.