ACT Event Services

P.O. Box 463, Dallas, TX

About ACT Event Services

ACT Services was formed in 1986. Our goal then, as it is now, is to be the premier service provider for event planning, cleaning, catering, and special services. Our service objective is to provide “complete event services” as a support to our customers. These services are provided to a wide variety of events, including corporate outings, sporting events, private parties, and concerts. In the beginning, ACT Services was focused primarily on pre, during and after event cleaning for special events, athletic events, stadiums, arenas, theatres, conventions and concerts. However, upon requests from clients, ACT expanded its service offerings to include: • Providing tents • Supplying temporary fencing and stages, • Portable heating, cooling and power units, • Set up, catering, bars cleaning and tear down of weddings • Provide logo and field painting, • Stadium painting and field set up for all sporting activities, and • Set up and staffing for private parties and corporate events We have come to be known as the leader for cleaning services for entertainment venues in Dallas/Fort Worth & San Antonio.