Henry Carlyle

1arlington, Cranford, NJ

About Henry Carlyle

Henry Carlyle performs an incredible stand-up mindreading show. This is a fast moving show that features mindreading and mental illusions with a comedy touch. It’s a fun, interactive show with lots of audience participation and lots of laughs. Pull a dollar bill out of your pocket, Henry reveals the serial number! Take a book into the corner and pick any page and any word…Henry reveals that word. In his magic act, he picks your pocket, in this great show, he picks your brain... WITH HIS MIND! The act is totally clean, there is no off color material that would reflect negatively on you or your event. There are no crazy outfits, no live animals, and no clown noses. It’s perfect for upscale parties, country clubs and the corporate audience. So, why not offer something different, some real entertainment that your guests will talk about for weeks after the show? Offer the comedy mindreading show of Henry Carlyle. Watch the video clip to get a little flavor of this one of a kind interactive mindreading show.

Package Pricing

Close-up Magic Package
$450 /event
Pricing for all event types
Corporate Package Close-up Magic and Mindreading Show
$600 /event
Pricing for meetings only