MENT Entertainment LLC

20 Riverstone Dr, Covington, GA
About MENT Entertainment LLC
About the Corporation MENT Entertainment is an upscaled and sophisticated Atlanta based entertainment corporation dedicated to the arts. We specialize in planning corporate and community events. Another service we proudly provide is live entertainment and live DJ/VJ services. The team consists of the President, and a revolving door of talented entrepreneurs who specialize in their respective professions and unite to produce classy events, warm energy and lasting memories. These entrepreneurs are hand-picked from a capable resource pool to provide the best individualized experience for the client. This is one of the concerted options that enhances creativity and differentiates us from the competition. Our goal is to create a celestial experience that can be said to have been all the rave for years to come. MENT Entertainment is excited to plan your next event. Invest in the experience and allow MENT Entertainment to take your event to the next level. It is our mission to make you a repeat offender! Contact us today for a more personalized assessment of your needs.
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