About Dance with us

WEDDING DANCE COURSE DESIGNED TO MAKE YOU AND YOUR FIANCÉ LOOK CONFIDENT ON THE DANCE FLOOR We specialize in first dance wedding choreography that is easy to remember and won’t become one more stress in your life. You’ll learn all you need to hold on your own on the dance floor. FOLLOW THESE THREE EASY STEPS TO YOUR BEAUTIFUL FIRST DANCE: 1. Choose your music: find that special song you want to dance to on your wedding day. If not sure – we can give you some suggestions at your first lesson. 2. Book Consultation: book now by phone *NOT DISPLAYED* or Contact us online http://www.dancelessons.ca/contact/ 3. COME GIVE IT A TRY: Your first dance try-out and a consultation are FREE! Try the steps and see how they feel. We’ll find the moves that match best your choice of music. Bring your questions and we will be happy to answer them for you. Choose from our two Studio Locations: http://www.dancelessons.ca/locations/ Give yourself enough time to learn, don’t leave until the last minute. To book now call *NOT DISPLAYED* or or email *NOT DISPLAYED*