About Eventective

The internet was a very different place in 2002. Amazon was only 5 years old and Google was still a privately held company. There was no Facebook, no iPhone, no Twitter. Entrepreneurs were still struggling to find a way to leverage the web to benefit everyday users.

Alan Hyman searched the internet in vain to find venues for a company meeting and his daughter’s wedding. Alan had already built several successful businesses and saw this lack of reliable information for events as an opportunity–and the “Event Detective” was born.

Eventective was founded in 2003 to be the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource for everyday people planning events. We’ve stayed true to that mission and have 300,000+ venues and services for weddings, parties and meetings in North America.

Contacting Eventective

Eventective is located in Scarborough, Maine. To reach the appropriate person at the company, please send us a Contact Us message that includes your phone number. We will route your request to the right person who will contact you as soon as possible.