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About United Marriage Services, LLC

Maybe I am the right officiant for you. I love to perform weddings and I love to be a part of couple’s lives as this incredible step is taken, to live as one in marriage for all of your days. You will find me to be understanding and friendly. I will add a professional speaking voice to your wedding that will be audible to your guests. The feedback I get most often is that the guests are so appreciative to be able to actually hear the ceremony. They tell me that they felt uplifted when the ceremony was taking place. I will bring joy, happiness and an upbeat spirit to your wedding day as I believe it should be filled with love, laughter and joy. I will also design a ceremony for you that is uniquely yours. I will add what you want and subtract what you don’t want. It will not be boring, mundane, or tiring. If you visit my website you can follow links to view many reviews of what other brides and grooms have experienced. Your wedding is an event that will affect your entire life. Also, I want you to be together for the rest of your days in a happy, healthy, relationship where both husband and wife can experience growth and find love, friendship, and acceptance all of your lives together. I want to see your relationship last, giving you and your bride or groom that lifetime together that you desire. I started working with couples in 1982 and I offer pre-marital coaching, and marriage coaching for those who want help and ideas on how to strengthen marriage to last a lifetime. So, you can find solutions to problems before you are married with pre-marriage coaching, and solutions after you are married with regular marriage coaching. There is no way to insure your relationship will never fall on hard times, however, there are very definite things that you can do with the right understanding to help dramatically increase the likelihood that you will remain together, in love, and friends for life. You can grow together as one, instead of apart. We can discuss all of this on a one-to-one basis. I do not require premarital classes to perform your wedding, but I do encourage it if it fits for you and together we can discover many resources to help you build your relationship for life. Again, it is optional. Concerning their wedding, here’s what Logan and Lindsey had to say, “Damian is wonderful to work with. He made my fiancé (now husband) and me very comfortable in every encounter we had with him. Picking who you want as the officiant of your wedding is a big decision. It is crucial that you feel comfortable with the person and trust them to help lead you through the marriage process, from planning the ceremony wording to actually saying "I Do". Damian walked us through the steps in a very caring and receptive way. He took the time to listen to what WE wanted. Nothing was pushed on us in any way, and he offered lots of great ideas. He was also a great comfort to us on the actual wedding day. He assured us when we felt nervous and has a very calming and sweet presence. We are so thankful to have found him for our wedding. He made it so very special :).” Here’s what Jamie and Jason had to say, “My fiancé and I really struggled in finding someone that could accommodate our needs...we stumbled upon a true blessing with Damian! He exceeded our expectations from a professional standpoint and even more so with our personal/spiritual needs. This was exemplified in the ability to put us at ease and to really show that he cared. Grace and Dignity are the first words that come to mind with our experience as he listened and coached us through the chaos of wedding planning. His sincere love and respect that was demonstrated throughout our ceremony was greatly appreciated by not just us but all who witnessed! We honestly couldn't have asked for anything more!” Contact me for a free consultation and let’s see if I am the right person to perform this most important ceremony on this most important day of your lives.