Artisan Jazz

234 Main St, Columbus, OH

About Artisan Jazz

Artisan Jazz performs elegant and sophisticated instrumental jazz to create the perfect atmosphere for your special event. Artisan Jazz specializes in corporate events, wedding cocktail hours, wedding receptions, dinner music, rehearsal dinners, holiday, birthday, anniversary and private parties. The following combinations of instruments are available: *Solo Piano *Piano and Upright Bass *Piano, Upright Bass and Drums *Saxophone and Piano *Saxophone, Piano, and Upright Bass *Saxophone, Piano, Bass and Drums **Frequently Asked Questions: *Do we need to have a piano? If a piano is not available, the group can provide a professional, authentic sounding, portable digital piano for your event. *Does Artisan Jazz take requests? Absolutely! If there is a song that you'd like to hear us play, we'll play it for you. We just require reasonable notice, so that we can learn the music if we don't already know it.(maximum of two songs,please)(please allow 3 weeks to learn each piece) *How long can Artisan Jazz perform? Typically, the group performs from one to three hours but is able to perform for up to 8 hours. *How many breaks does the group take and how long are they? For an event lasting up to one and 1/2 hours, we don't take any breaks. If we are to play longer, we play 50-55 minutes per hour. *How does the group dress? We always wear suits and/or ties and look professional and polished. If you prefer us to wear tuxedos or formal attire, or dress more casually, we're happy to do that as well. *Can the group also perform for our ceremony? Yes, Artisan can perform standard jazz selections for your ceremony. Artisan's music is perfect for 1920's-1950's themed-style weddings. Additionally, the pianist for Artisan Jazz, Kevin Gault , would be happy to perform solo piano(classical, jazz or popular) for your wedding ceremony. We can offer you a very attractively priced package if you choose to book both the ceremony and cocktail hour/reception with us. *How much time does the group need for set-up? It usually takes the group one and a half hours to set up. We will be set up and ready to play at least 15 minutes before your first guest arrives. We will work seamlessly with all the other professionals who are working for you. You will never have to worry about conflicts. *Does the group charge for set-up time? No. Never. *Do we need to provide any equipment? No, Artisan Jazz will bring all the equipment we need. We just need a standard 3-prong electrical outlet within a reasonable distance of where we will be playing, and an area that is large enough for three men with instruments. **Also, if your event is outside, cover from the sun/rain is required.** Artisan Jazz can bring their own tent if needed. *How loud is the group? Artisan Jazz is not loud. Whether you choose to hire Artisan Jazz for the night's featured entertainment or for soft ambient music, we will work with you to make certain our volume level is perfect for your event. Since many events are a time for guests to socialize and mingle, we never play so loudly that conversation becomes difficult. If you want us to play louder or more quietly, just ask us and we'll gladly accommodate your needs. How much does Artisan Jazz charge? Artisan Jazz's rates are very resonable. The group can offer you the most attractive rate if your venue has a piano on site. Please be certain to mention if a piano is available when you place your Gigmasters' gig request. *Does the group travel? We love to travel and play new places. However, if we have to drive more than 50 miles from Columbus, Ohio, there will be a small travel fee.