DJ GARY-D - THE DJ FOR ALL OCCASIONS WITH MUSIC FOR ALL GENERATIONS! NO GIG TOO BIG, NO HALL TOO SMALL! ONE CALL, THAT'S ALL! With multiple sound systems at his disposal, DJ GARY-D can power up any place. From the grandest of halls to your own four walls. From your living room to the great outdoors, no place is too big or too small for DJ GARY-D With an almost endless musical library, DJ GARY-D can accomodate any musical taste from the Big Band music of the 30's and 40's to today's Top 40 and anything in between. DJ GARY-D features one of the area's most exciting DJ lighting systems. With multi-colored and bright white motion lights and LED's, many of which are programmed to pulsate with the music, with strobes, fog and flambe' DJ GARY-D's light show is almost a show unto itself. Whether it's your birthday, wedding, dance, reception, Christmas, graduation, celebration, or just a plain old party for the sake of a party, whatever the occasion, let DJ GARY-D be your one-stop, non-stop party source for event hosting and great entertainment. When you combine the perfect sound system for the venue, a huge musical library spanning many years and musical genres, a great lighting system, over 40 years of professional entertaining experience, combined with a unique brand of wit and humor, you get an unbeatable combination that can only be DJ GARY-D.