About Jenee' Michelle Photogrphy

My name is Jenee' Michelle. I'm a lifestyle photographer and I specialize in weddings. I adore telling the story of your life in an artistic and uniquely you way. I believe your photographer should be someone you'd want to hang out with; someone you'd enjoy sipping on a cup of coffee with. This is why one of the main aspects of my job is being able to make my clients feel comfortable, because once someone is comfortable that's when they can be themselves in front of the camera. Those are the moments that are magical. In that moment photography captures an instant in time, altering life by holding it still. Through that act, you can preserve that one moment; that one glimpse into a person’s life. There's nothing else I've found as rewarding as that. I'm so happy and feel incredibly blessed to have this job and be able to do that. I also appreciate adventure. Thus far I've traveled to five continents with my camera by my side, capturing the moments as I go. Every picture I have the opportunity to take is a new story, a new moment captured, and these tangible representations of memories will last a lifetime. So this is me. I can't wait to capture your memories too. { Jenee' }