SoundProof Entertainment

Cleveland, OH

About SoundProof Entertainment

Your choice of entertainment is one of the most important decisions you will make in the planning of your special event. The success of the affair depends upon it. What matters to us here at SoundProof Entertainment is that every customer receives a DJ experience that is perfectly suited for their event. We make it our number one priority to ensure that our customer’s Big Day will be worry-free. Our company is family-owned and family-operated. Consultation meetings are carried out in person, where we are able to interact with each and every customer. In the event that a customer is not able to meet face-to-face, technologies like video chat or teleconferencing can provide an alternate consultation solution. These personal chats are designed to gain a clear understanding of what your expectations are for your special occasion. We can then customize and tailor your event to ensure that these expectations are met. SoundProof Entertainment is not a full time disc jockey company. All of our team members are employed from “nine to five” in other fields of work, thus offering their DJ talents in their spare time, strictly out of love for the business. We believe the quality you receive is much greater when the DJ puts his heart and soul into his work. You will meet with your DJ in the months before your event. We want to give our customers the opportunity to get to know their DJ and to discuss any special details that may be involved. Advanced planning with your disc jockey means no event-day surprises!!! Our company has been entertaining for over 10 years, with more than 500 events under our belt. Give us a call today and see if we are the right DJ for you and your special day! We are available to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Package Pricing

The Photo Booth
$795 /event
Pricing for weddings only
Essential (5)
$895 /event
Pricing for weddings only
Essential (6)
$995 /event
Pricing for weddings only