Sellin You Short

17111 Ernadale Ave., Cleveland, OH

About Sellin You Short

Hey! Were Sellin You Short. Were a punk/rock/ska band from West Park in Cleveland. We have been writing and playing music for several years now, but finally we have a lineup of people that work and we are starting to get things done. We are all self taught. We have been recording our songs, and we still continue to do so, and maybe we will have a CD sometime soon. Till then were gonna be playing as many shows as we can! If anyone would like us to play, or book us leave us a comment or message! We don't really care about money we just want to have fun and play for people! We have just started playing shows. We have played at the Hi-Fi Concert Club in Lakewood Ohio, with Lemon Juice and Sink Ohio Sink. We also have played at the High School Rock Off at the House of Blues in Cleveland Ohio. We are looking to play more shows, and we have been able to bring many people to the shows we have played, and we can get the crowd dancing. The band consists of Joey Fasko- Drums Jeremy Castor- Lead Guitar and Vocals John Brady- Rhythm Guitar and Vocals Paul Butcher- Bass and Saxophone