NPI Audio Visual Solutions

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About NPI Audio Visual Solutions

From concept to completion your project is handled in a professional manner. We offer single and multi-camera field acquisition captured in Standard Definition SD and High Definition HD cameras. These cameras will give you the cleanest, charpest video today. NPi currently has 3 edit suites to give you SD 4:3 or HD 16:9 formats to be used on any media you choose to deliver your message. Editing is perfomred on true "Real Time: uncompressed non-linear editing system that insures quality throughout the editing process. Sales, marketing, education, training, television advertising and informational products are delivered to your audience via CD-ROM, DVD, Internet and video tape. Your message is also deliverable via “POINT-OF-PRESENCE” display technologies which include Digital Signage and KIOSK products. NPi will help you focus your message, target your market, and capture the attention of your audience. Video Production Vehicle NPi Audio Visual Solutions is the provider of end-to-end audio and video solutions for mobile entertainment, sports, and news programming. NPi has the capability for Live Satellite Broadasts, Live Web_casting over the Internet, Phone and Video Conference Services. 3-D Stills & Animations 3-D Stills and Animations can make your products jump right out at your customers. Our Site Managers can help coordinate and work with the hotel staff as well as outside clients to assure all AV needs are met. NPi Site Managers provide immediate technical support when needed. They keep an assortment of equipment on-site to supply when the need arises, and are always in contact with our central office to obtain other equipment Whether you are planning a Corporate or Social Event the NPi Site Manager will work with you throughout the planning process. NPi producers, production managers and technicians are also available and work closely with Site Managers to assist and organize larger venues that may require custom staging, background sets, IMAX video, multiple video screens, audio, mutli-camera video and more.