Lorna Adams Psychic/Afterlife Communicator

Claremont, CA

About Lorna Adams Psychic/Afterlife Communicator

With over 20 years of experience, my specialty is working large groups under a wide variety of settings - even the loud ones! Having done thousands of readings my concentration and focus are finally tuned. I work very quickly, love the challenge and meeting new people. Ask anything you like including past, present and future issues. No matter how big or small. This includes life path, relationships, job, money you name it. Spirit is here to help and assist. I also connect with your loved ones that have passed. They too are here to help you. Get the closure you need, guidance and feedback to help you take your life where you would like it to be! Know that everything that comes through IS FOR YOUR HIGHEST GOOD. Nothing scary. Your spirit guides and angles are here to help and so am I.

Event Pricing

2-Hour Party or Event package
Attendees: 15-1000 | $600 /event
Pricing for all event types
Group Reading Party
Attendees: 8-20 | $60 /person
Pricing for all event types