Sensations & Impact Dance Bands - Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH
SPECIALIZING IN VERSATILITY !!! Touring Kentucky and the surrounding states for over twenty five years "THE SENSATIONS'" professionalism and unique versatility has created the highest demand of any Show & Dance band in the Eastern United States. A fifteen hour list of dance tunes from 1939 to TODAY allows you to choose Swing, Jazz, Beach, Motown, Rock, Country, Disco, Top 40, etc., or the band can do what they do best and play the crowd, keeping everyone at your party dancing and having a great time. They play requests and gladly adjust their song list and volume to suit your party. Recorded music for the breaks is included so the music never stops and can be chosen in advance by the employer. This group only takes two breaks during a four hour performance and play longer sets so you get more entertainment for your money.
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